Hello world!

New phase in life….new blog.  I’m back in school after 25 years of not being in school.  This time I have responsibilities that I didn’t have back then.  I have a family, a part-time job, which needs to be fuller time, critters….And, when I’m done I will have a career that will hopefully be meaningful, contribute something positive to the world and provide me with a living wage.


2 Comments on “Hello world!”

  1. t.dot says:

    hey you! welcome 🙂 it’s so funny!!! i just replied to your comment on my blog and said i was off to class, day one! lol. it’s only NOW that i am seeing this post on your blog about returning to school after 25 years! me too hahaha…well, maybe more like 30 for me. 2 year program for social/community work. hoping to make a difference as well! what’s your poison? 😉 how exciting for both of us! good for you you. and 94% is most DEF something to be proud of. very cool! can’t wait to read more of you 🙂 namaste

    • So sorry I didn’t realized you’d commented on my post… I’m still very new to this blog program. Very funny thing I’m going to a two year program(though I’m hoping it will be shorter for me because of college credits from before) for Human Services/Chemical Dependency. It will be fun to exchange notes, so to speak, from our classes as it seems we are studying similar subjects. As for my writing, I’ll post when the “spirit” moves me but doesn’t seem to happen as often for me as it does you. Sure do enjoy your writing. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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