Random, alliterative, stream of consciousness gratitudes…

Saw this song posted on a friend’s facebook page….goes perfect with this post….

Thursday September 27, 2012I am grateful for:

Fog, ferns, finches, fragile and delicate spider webs woven between two tall stalks of wheat-type grass…

Flora and fauna, Fall(the season) fall(ing in love)

Freakishly furry felines;  furry, friendly pups and their friendly people;

Friendliness, friends, friendship

The letter “F”…letters in general, Language!

Love…of family, of friends, for/of my lover; of life in general;

Legs that work and work wonderfully well and get me up and out and walking through the fog then through, later, the lifting fog and the beautiful, blue sky behind and beneath it;

Frog-song, bird-song,  songs, songs made up of sounds, simple songs, sophisticated ones, symphonies…

Soup, silliness, sleep in a warm, comfy, cozy bed and that surge of something that gets me up out of that bed and sends me out the door and on that walk…through the fog…


3 Comments on “Random, alliterative, stream of consciousness gratitudes…”

  1. rmiles says:

    This is fantastic! Is this part of a gratitude journal? Sk and I both keep one it truely helps us view the world in a more positive light.

    • Well rmiles…not exactly. I have a blog elsewhere that I’ve let lie fallow for some time on which I did do a gratitude journal for a number of months. What I posted today was partially inspired by someone’s blogpost I read several days ago in which the author expressed gratitude for simply waking up each morning. It reminded me that I always have much to be grateful for, it’s just a matter of taking note. Then this morning with the fog it was just so beautiful and I really enjoy alliteration and I just got inspired. I think the gratitude journal is really a fabulous idea though and possibly something to resurrect for myself. Thanks for reading and for your feedback. 🙂

      • rmiles says:

        I find it’s usually the most simplistic things in life that make me the most grateful. At least that’s what i’m finding when I look back on my entries. Keep looking for your inspiration, it can pop up in the least likeliest of places. 🙂

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