Musings after the first night of class

Started this post Wednesday nite after my first class.  Finished it tonite.

Went to my “Understanding Aids” class tonite.  It is the one class of the three I’m taking that actually meets  in person regularly, Wednesday evenings from 5:35-7:25.  Haven’t been in a class, except for workshops and seminars, in a quarter of a century……Now doesn’t that sound like a long time.  I think the class will be interesting, which is possibly an understatement on my part.  Between the controversial nature of the subject matter,  the diversity in terms of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender, of the students, and a teacher who likes to run things very democratically, I’m thinking the class will be a good one.  I’m pretty pleased, though, also working on getting my mind around the amount of work required for this two credit hour class, along with my other two classes.  I think it is doable, though I’ll be plenty busy between being a student, an employee(part-time), and a mom.

It really is good to be back in the classroom.  I’ve always enjoyed school, though more and more as I progressed from elementary to middle to high school and finally to college.  I’ve always appreciated the structured environment, having clear and defined tasks to perform and, when I liked the teacher, pleasing the teacher by paying attention and contributing in class.  Despite the fact that there were relatively few opportunities to be creative in elementary school, I still enjoyed it quite a bit.   We had no plays or pageants and I didn’t do well in PE…but Elementary school was still something I was always excited to get back to in the beginning of September.  Junior High was better.  I got to sing in choir, also took an art class that I loved.  There was more freedom in middle school.  We even got to walk up to the high school if we were studying certain foreign languages, in my case, German.  But high school was even better.  More freedom, more music classes(was in two choirs), got on the school newspaper and even took an after school dance class in my senior year.

And college was better still….though I did not graduate all ready to step into a career and, in fact, though I’ve had a few “careers” over the years, thanks to the education I did receive, I also had some failed attempts at careers due to a lack of follow through and commitment to my choice of programs.

So now here I am back in school…feeling kind of old and kind of new and clueless at the same time…..and hoping that I’m one of those late bloomers who is on the verge of blooming in all kinds of ways…personally as well as professionally. Time will tell, though I don’t think there will be many more opportunities(or any) for this level of new start…No pressure but…it’s now or never…at least that’s how it feels.


2 Comments on “Musings after the first night of class”

  1. rmiles says:

    Sounds like you are off to a good start with your classes. I’m sure you underestimate yourself and try not to worry, people evolve throughout their life, you sound like you are just beginning a new chapter of yours. Going back to school is a very brave act, I tip my hat to you. 🙂

    • Thanks rmiles…we’ll see how it goes. But it is fun to be back in school even as one of the older students. Plus it’s kind of a neat way to observe what some of the members of our younger generation are up to.

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