Watch The Gymnast Online | Netflix

Watch The Gymnast Online | Netflix.

Obviously you have to have a “netflix watch instantly” subscription or you have to rent or buy it somewhere….I’m not proud to say that I put off watching this movie because of the title…don’t know what I expected, something trite, perhaps?  But what I discovered when watching this was anything but.  A really beautiful movie.  As a reviewer at the netflix site stated be sure to watch the movie thru to the credits for a most wonderful and graceful exclamation point at the end of the story.


One Comment on “Watch The Gymnast Online | Netflix”

  1. liz says:

    i am so curious now!!! and we just got netflix here in sweden yesterday! hehe. so, i’m gonna check it out.

    and by the way, i’m really glad you stumbled on my blog too, so that i could stumble onto yours. wishing you a beautiful wednesday.

    peace. xx

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