I love cats!!

I’m kitty/house-sitting for a friend who has gone on a cruise…I and my daughter, to be precise…Before today I met this sweet guy OB(short for Odd Ball) two times and was told by my friend that he was a bit of a biter and scratcher….She said he was a sweet cat, but a bit unpredictable with those two behaviors…I think they’re both playful ones, though, so far, I’ve only experienced the biting and it’s the gentle playful kind. 

Tonight my daughter and I “moved in” for our two week stay.  He kept asking all night to go outside but my friend L said he wasn’t to go out at night.  So with the encouragement of my daughter I resisted the urge to let him out in response to his persistent mews….She told me to just tune him out…something she, a 14yo is quite an expert at, but me a mom, have lost my touch for that particular behavior…Anyway we made it through the evening…I attempted a few distractions, one of his toys, some of my yarn.  He did get some exercise as he raced around the house a bit…plus he entertained me tremendously. 

It’s so nice to be around a cat again…and this is one adorable cat..He’s curled up next to me on my(actually his and his vacationing humans’) bed snoozing away.  He was doing some major purring earlier and the bread kneading thing and hasn’t “bitten” at my hand in hours.  This is such a treat for me…being once again in cat country. Aaaah…… 🙂


Great story out of Columbus, Ohio



For those of you, like myself, who think of the the new year as an opportunity to make a fresh start regarding breaking  old habit and building new ones…this one’s for you!

My wish for all of you for the new year of 2013:

peace within you