long time sun: the yoga in me.

long time sun: the yoga in me..

Beautiful written by one of my blogging buddies whose writings never fail to uplift me or inspire me…Make sure to listen to the song at the end.



A working vacation of sorts

the lake I see when I look out of the window of my "vacation" home

the lake I see when I look out of the window of my “vacation” home

my furry feline charge

my furry feline charge

In my last post I talked about my furry feline charge, OhBee and described a bit about the first evening of our time together.  It is now Saturday evening almost two weeks since that post.  It’s amazing how time flies when one is enjoying oneself….and that is definitely what I have been doing these past couple of weeks on my “working vacation”.

This evening and to nite it is just Oh-Bee and myself as I took my daughter back to the house to stay with her Dad and our dog Edna until tomorrow afternoon sometime.  So here I sit in front of the wonderfully warm and cozy gas log fire, which I never thought I’d enjoy because it’s a “fake” don’t ya know…But I do like it…a lot and I’m not entirely sure that when I’m in a position to buy or rent another home that I won’t have “gas log” fireplace as one of the things I’ll be specifically looking for.  At any rate, here I sit listening to “Nanci Griffith” radio on Spotify with ole Oh-Bee curled up beside me on the couch and me typing away on this blogpost.

Our car was packed pretty full almost two weeks ago, when we moved in, with a big duffel bag full of our clothing, plus two small suitcases, a cooler with food and various other assorted knapsacks, reusable shopping bags and totes full of the items we anticipated needing during our two week stay here.  I think we both brought our most important and essential items for day to day living, both the practical(necessary clothing, toiletries, etc) and the comfort and security making items(my laptop, her ipod, cd player with music cd she listens to each night, our pillows and favorite blankets for our beds and more).  And my friend’s house is very comfortable and decorated and designed in a way that is very pleasing to me and to dd too, I think.  So between the beautiful view of the lake, that we see as we look out of the windows in the main living area, sweet Oh-Bee, the rest of the comforts of this home and the comforts we brought from our own, it’s been pretty easy to slip into a daily routine that has ended with pleasant evenings spent here in my friend’s house with dinner, dd finishing her homework, Oh-Bee doing his inside/outside dance, gas logs flaming away and some escapist tv viewing.

My daughter is not a big fan of change, at least not at first, but she has adapted well.  She, of course, has been enjoying having all sorts of cable channels to watch on tv, loves the gas log fireplace, as I do, and enjoys Oh Bee as well.  Today she noticed ducks on my friend’s dock, went down for a closer look and came back after a few minutes to report that she’d seen one of the ducks scratching it’s head with it’s webbed foot, something she’d never seen and I have, as yet, to witness myself. Yes, my daughter has spent time each day, after school and her rehearsals for the spring musical, back at home, but not a whole lot of time.  So, as the days have passed,  seeing her seeming to become more comfortable with this arrangement, gives me hope that she will adapt ok when the time comes for our one household to split into two…something I’m working towards bringing to fruition at some point this year.

But more on that in another post.  For now it’s just nice to get a break from my current existence living a life where far too much of me has been shelved for far too long.  In some ways, because dd’s dad makes himself so scarce, at least when I am home, it’s not that different, but the change of environment is a welcome one because it is a completely “‘husband’ free” environment and provides, though brief for now, a taste of what liberation from this unhappy marriage might feel like.