Strength…what it is and a bit of what it isn’t…

Someone very dear to me is going through an incredibly difficult time because of the untimely and unexpected death of a very dear and long time friend of hers…Today on facebook I wrote this statement in response to the “what’s on your mind” prompt that tends to be at the top of a person’s facebook page:

“What’s on my mind…some thoughts about strength….Just because a person is strong DOES NOT mean that they do not hurt and struggle and falter, have doubts and fears on their journey…Their strength is in their persevering, getting back up, putting themselves back together…even taking a break before doing so…not in their imperviousness or lack of vulnerability…Those qualities are not ones of strength, IMO…they are something else…”

This subject of what strength is is something that this friend and I have discussed numerous times…mainly in the context of me telling her that I believe she is quite strong and she disagreeing with me…But I stand by what I’ve said to her in these discussions and what I said in my status today….I posted that status with her foremost in my mind…because she epitomizes strength, to me!   So this post tonite is dedicated to this very dear and precious woman and to the memory of her very dear and precious friend…..two strong women…one who lost the battle and the other who continues to fight on day by day, hour by hour, sometimes just moment by moment….May she hold on through this time of tremendous grief to not just survive but to one day truly thrive again!  She has much yet to give to the world and I’ve a feeling that were her friend here, she would feel the same way.


4 Comments on “Strength…what it is and a bit of what it isn’t…”

  1. Loz says:

    I agree completely with what you’ve said here about strength. I wish your friend well also.

  2. says:

    Beautiful and so true. I am glad your friend has you 🙂 Hugz to you both xo

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