Reading a lot of stuff by this woman lately….

from the article…”I visited Beatrice and taught a class that was advertised on the bulletin board as “Learn to Meditate.” The experience confirmed two things for me. The first, which I thought of when I read Beatrice’s note, was that her articulation of her current difficulty—”I’m having trouble getting adjusted to this new circumstance”—is a lifelong problem for everyone.”


At the ripe age of 53 what I

At the ripe age of 53 what I have finally realized is this:  If I am not appreciated and accepted for who I am, faults and foibles included…not found that I am, overall, adored by my partner, and, of course, reciprocate all of the above in kind for said partner, then count me out.  Tall order?  Perhaps. But at this riper age I’ve finally realized that life is too short and too precious for me to spend my valuable time and energy loving a person(as defined above) who is unable or unwilling to reciprocate. 

Thoughts anyone?

Amy Ray Dopelganger

So I’ve subbed three times in the past few weeks at this wonderful elementary school.  It really is a special place.  I’ve found myself strangely drawn to the principal, who is married(to a man I’m willing to bet) and has kids.  She really is a great principal.  So today the school had its monthly awards assembly.  Each month they recognize kids for good attitude, good grades, most improved academics, behavior, etc etc.  And mostly all they do is read the kids names and have them stand up and then everyone applauds their success.  It was a very enjoyable assembly…led by the principal.  Suddenly it dawned on me: she totally reminds me of Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls!  

So who knows?  Maybe she is gay and married and somehow managed to become principal…though that seems a bit far-fetched even with all of the advances being made by the LBGTQ community.  More likely she is one of those women who perks up a lesbians gaydar but whom is, in fact, straight, just not particularly feminine…

No matter.  I will happily return to that school to substitute anytime they’ll have me back….not because of her, though her presence does not hurt a bit…but because it is a happy school.

Ok…that’s it for tonite.