But have been reading even more stuff by this woman….

I’ve been on a bit of a journey as of late….Not the kind that takes me down any actual roads, but a more internal type.  It’s the kind where, in my reading,  I stumble across something that resonates with me….I follow up on it and in the process see another “path” that looks interesting…So I go down it.  That is what has happened since my last post titled “Reading a lot of stuff by this woman lately”…I found the “Sounds True” website and read up on the cool lesbian woman who founded the company, Tami Simon.  I’ve listened to a number of free offerings at this website that both sells actual books, cds and downloads and also offers a free membership that enables you to listen to all sorts of great, enlightening stuff.  In the process of listening to said stuff, I heard this woman, Karla McLaren, (check out this link to learn about her : http://karlamclaren.com/about-karla/ ) and was absolutely impressed by her and her take on the role of emotions in our lives.  I’ve since listened to almost all of her interviews at the “Sounds True” website, read articles on her blog, liked her facebook page and even took a drive with my daughter to a bookstore in another town last weekend just to purchase her book “The Language of Emotions”, which I am totally loving and feeling so grateful to have found.

So while I’m embarking on this journey of ending my marriage and getting my house ready to put up for sale, so I and my daughter and our dog can relocate to another part of the country, where we will live closer to family, all of which is scary and challenging but also exciting, I am doing this internal journey too.  What  I’m discovering on this journey, in the writings of Karla McLaren, is a wisdom that validates something I’ve felt inside of me for many years…..that our emotions are under appreciated and not honored in western society as they should be.  I feel that most of us, myself included, are missing out on the energy and wisdom that could be derived from us knowing how to become aware of and appropriately channel our emotions.

I will not even attempt to explain her way of thinking any further.  If you are at all intrigued by what I’ve described so far please just check out the link above and see for yourself.  I honestly think that, while she is not the first person to jump on the bandwagon of the importance of “emotional intelligence” she, perhaps because she is a woman,  is offering a perspective that makes, at least for me, the possibility of gaining true emotional literacy and even intelligence something that  finally seems attainable to me.

The timing COULD NOT be better 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤

PS So here is an example of the way this woman thinks about emotions. Just read this post of hers and totally LOVE it!