My blogging fingers have been still for some time

now as the rest of me has been veeeery busy getting our house ready to put on the market.  So we put it on the market at 5pm  last Monday and we had a deal by mid-afternoon on Wednesday!!  I am taking that as a good omen for our relocation to the Denver area.  My husband and I have been amicably working through separating our possessions, cooperating on getting everything moved to Denver and talking through other aspects of our divorce.  I’m planning to get the paperwork for the divorce filed by Wednesday…have already signed up for the two seminars I am required to take as part of the divorce process and got more questions answered and concerns addressed by a family law facilitator today.  So once that is in the works I will return full-force to planning and preparing for a combo early bday party for my daughter and good-bye to friends party for both of us that is taking place this Friday in our favorite sound-side park, getting car serviced for trip, finishing packing, taking care of check-ups, scrips, cancelling service for utitlities, etc etc.

The weather has been mostly beautiful lately which just rubs in my face what an incredibly beautiful place we are moving away from.  And, of course, as I reflect on the natural beauty that I am leaving behind, I also am reflecting on the community Ive become a part of and the support network I’ve built these past seven years.  Despite the challenges of the last, especially, four years, this has been a wonderful place to live and I know I am going to miss it and the people I’ve come to know and love here.  This feels more like home to me than where we moved from seven years ago.  And despite the fact that I have beloved family and friends back there and I would like to visit, something that will be easier to do from our new home in the Denver area, I don’t see myself wanting to return there for anymore than visits.

So we will see what the future in our new home holds.  I’m both looking forward to the move and the new beginning and looking back to what and whom I will be leaving…But i am ready for this new chapter in my and my daughter’s lives…ready to be closer to family, closer to many old friends and one newer friend (of whom I’ve spoken in the past as being “my love” but with whom things are not as certain as they once seemed to be)…ready to fall in love with a new place and new people….ready to get the job that will tie us over while I get trained in my new career and begin working in it…ready and nervous and excited….all in one!!

Whew…well these blogging fingers are out of shape …time to give them and the rest of me a rest.