Sticking with what nourishes

20160522_151625It’s so funny (as in muse-worthy) how easy it is for me to get out of touch with certain of the activities in life that feed me.  In fact it would seem that I have a remarkable case of amnesia when it comes to these things.  These very things are often the ones I resist most,  knowing (or at least suspecting) that, were I to go outside for that walk or better yet make that short drive up to the mountains and go on a hike, for example, that my mood, actually my very being, would be enhanced significantly. The same holds true with what happens when I am finally able to get myself outside to pull  the weeds that seem bent on perpetuating themselves throughout my yard.  I feel nourished,  energized,  connected….. and the creative juices of what’s possible start flowing as ideas for what I might add to the garden begin to pop into my head. It’s the nurture of being active in nature,  in those situations.

Then consider what happens when I don’t talk myself out of attending a gathering I’ve committed myself to.  I joined several Meet-up groups as a way of building community when I moved to Colorado almost three years ago. Friendships just don’t sprout with the ease that they did when I was young but I’ve found one recurring meet-up in one of the groups that I really like. Nonetheless it’s still always a matter of pushing myself to attend, a bit more pushing required though because, unlike a walk in nature or communing with the weeds, the players are much more variable. But the majority of the time, assuming I attend with an open, unattached attitude, I’m really glad I’ve gone and come away feeling nourished and enriched.

Then there are all the instances of tasks I put off for any number of reasons: housecleaning is boring, paying bills is a downer, a new task is scary in its unfamiliarity. And with the procrastination they all weigh heavier on my psyche.  When I finally quit resisting and instead embrace an item on the eternal ‘todo’ list, the relief I experience, while not being nourishing exactly, is at least an indicator that my energy is no longer being depleted. And the sense of accomplishment I experience is nourishing.

So what’s the takeaway? Resist less, embrace more and when that persistent amnesia strikes yet again, forgive always.




One Comment on “Sticking with what nourishes”

  1. says:

    I love this!!! And man oh man does it resonate! I’ve missed you xo 😉

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